Quiet Dynamite

Meet the quiet ones

Competitive, discipline and being life-long athletes, we know teamworks will deliver consistent repeatable results.

Rit Li Founder
Rit Li
Coding-wise, Rit is opinionated and testy. He believes in flexible and simple tools. Simplicity will give him the freedom to drive the design, rather being dragged by the complicated tools. He thinks Vim is the best thing since sliced bread. He plays soccer. Bruce Lee is his hero.
Rath K. Lim Developer
Rath K. Lim
Graduated from GIA, Rath has put his expertise in gemology to work all over Asia. He developed and executed a business plan that created a new market segment in Phnom Penh. His creativity earned him a brand consultant lead at an ads agency. He now brings his passion for design and creativity to the tech community where he believes he can make the world a better place.
Mac Chief Listener
Mac, the listener
Mac doesn't write code. But they are the best listener. The act of explaining Mac the problems induces the anwsers not from Mac themself but from the very explainer. It's like Magic! They are definitely the most quiet one.